PwC Mini MBA brochure:
PwC Mini MBA brochure  
PwC Mini MBA programme

The Value of Knowledge
What is PwC Mini MBA programme?

PwC Mini MBA training programme is focused on developing the most important business skills.

The training course provides participants with a clear picture of organisations, their structure and management methodology. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge that has value and can be used in everyday business activities.

Who is it for?

The training course is intended for managers at all levels in all lines of service, owners of small and medium-sized enterprises and those who intend to start their own businesses.

Managing an organisation or its segment requires specific and very often diverse business skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is very important that managers have the relevant knowledge on company’s operations and understanding of company’s strategy, human capital, marketing and other operational challenges.

Methods of training

PwC Mini MBA programme comprises nine related sessions designed to offer insight into successful business strategies in the modern world.

In the course of these sessions, we will try to provide a systematic framework and clear structure of organisation management, which will help participants to apply the acquired knowledge in their own organisations.


16 days (100 training hours) and 2.5 hours for the final exam.

Lectures will be held on Fridays (18 -22h) and Saturdays (9-17h) in PwC’s Academy.

Agenda & Topics

Session 1 : Business Breakdown & Map
(04 – 05 March  - 12 hours)

The basics (Vision Mission Stakeholders & Governance) & Environmental Analysis - Competition. Understanding the profitability of an industry as well as its markets.
Lecturer: Dr Constantine Kiritsis

Session 2: Corporate & Business Strategy
(11 – 12 March – 12 hours)

Understanding strategy development based on critical success factors, portfolios & internal analysis. Selecting options for growth & being innovative.
Lecturer: Dr Constantine Kiritsis

Session 3: People Management
(18 – 19 March – 12 hours)

Human Resources & the Cultural Dimension.
Lecturer: Tim Kemp - human resource consultant

Session 4: Management Skills
(2 April – 8 hours)

The basics – Time Management, Stress Management, Communication.
Lecturer: Edin Veljovic, MBA

Session 5: Marketing
(08 – 09 April - 12 hours)

From traditional promotion techniques to internet based marketing.
Lecturers: Dr Constantine Kiritsis

Session 6 : Leadership & Negotiation
(22 – 23 April - 12 hours)

Understanding your client & how to lead & gain new business.
Lecturers: Jonathan Appleton, Director, PwC's Academy, Czech Republic and Edin Veljovic, MBA

Session 7: Accounting Basics, Financial Management and Macroeconomics
(13 – 14 May - 12 hours)

Accounting Basics & Financial Management & overall performance management.
Lecturer: Nemanja Djerkovic

Session 8: Project Management & Business Processes
(20 – 21 May - 12 hours)

Understanding principles and tools of effectively managed projects.
Lecturer: Miro Smolovic, PMP

Session 9: Linking it all together through the use of a map ©
(28 May – 8 hours)

  • Business Analysis Map.
  • Introducing the case study.

Lecturer: Dr Constantine Kiritsis

The Final Exam
(9 Jun – 2.5 hours)

Our trainers

Our trainers are experienced local and international experts in various fields.

Constantine Kiritsis, PhD – lecturer at several MBA programmes in Europe
Jonathan Appleton, – PwC's Academy Director, Czech Republic
Tim Kemp – MA MBA Chartered FCIPD
Nemanja Djerkovic – lecturer
Miro Smolovic, PMP – PwC’s Academy Serbia Leader
Edin Veljovic, MBA, MCMI, MIC, Assoc CIPD – Senior Management Consultant and a Trainer at PwC’s Academy


Lectures and materials are in English language.


Registration deadline is 26 February 2016.

For registration please fill in early registration (deadline is 4 September) or standard registration  form and send it by fax (+381 11 3302 101) or by e-mail.

To find out more about this programme or if you would like any additional information about our other courses, professional qualifications or tailored solutions, please contact us directly:

PwC's Academy
+ 381 11 3302 100
Fax: +381 11 3302 101


Registration fee: EUR 2,000 + VAT

Early birds registration fee: EUR 1,800 + VAT

Corporate discounts are available

Detailed Programme description

For more information on Mini MBA Programme pleas download PwC Mini MBA programme brochure.


Upon completion of the programme, participants will receive a PwC certificate. It requires 76 hours of attendance and passing the final exam.

Previous generations on PwC Mini MBA Programme
Aleksandar Grujić, CEO, Saint Gobain

“PwC Mini MBA is perfect tool for any manager who wants to improve business by adapting it to modern challenges, embodied in the rapidly changing business conditions. Training is dynamic and proactive, with many practical examples.”

Boško Gavović, CEO, TUV SUD

“Tremendous value!”

Maja Mrkalj, HR Manager, Dr. Oetker

“Makes you think :)”


Željko Andjić, Senior Project Manager, SAP West Balkans"

"I have learned a lot about management skills, global trends, group work with amazing people and moreover, I have learned a lot about myself. It was worth it.”


Bojana Gaković, Training Manager, Coca Cola HBC.

“PwC Mini MBA is exactly what its name says – a short, but adequate MBA training course, providing participants with sufficient information, theory and examples concerning business operations and business in general. The course is specific in content, comprehensive and purposeful, especially for those participants who have specialized in one area and have no opportunity to deal with all aspects of business.
The atmosphere and environment are great, which contributes to an even better interaction between participants and certainly to the success of the program.”


Milena Pejović, Collection Department Manager, Pireaus Bank

“Programme was long enough to ensure understanding and short enough to avoid becoming boring. Brief theory base provided participants with fundamental principals which were later practiced in case studies. Trainers are charismatic and, even if among best specialist in their fields, easy approachable. They constantly encourage all participants to discuss open issues from different points of view and find common solution. In summary, this course gave to all participants answers on two main questions: how to create/establish/develop successful business and how to keep it successful for a long time (without going crazy on the way)”


Nikola Božić, CEO of Petnica Fund, Petnica Science Centre.

“I come from Petnica Science Center, an organization dealing with gifted school students interested in science. My basic background is electrical engineering, but I have worked in management ever since the beginning of my career. As I am coming from a non corporate world this PwC program helped me to give the right names for the phenomena I already experienced in my work. I systematically put in order everything that is important for my job, topics that I did not studied during my previous education. Both good lectures and lecturers were important for me at this MBA. The experience from other participants helped me to understand better all important issues and facts. Also the people I met will definitely be an asset in the future.”


Dragan Bojić, Sales Director, Dr. Oetker Srbija.

“I have attended the training course with the second generation of PwC's Mini MBA training course participants. I believe that I was the only participant who had personally paid for the course (it was not a benefit provided to me by my company) and it was one of the best investments I had made in the past ten years. Now I will tell you why.
First of all, I met some fantastic people, witty and educated, with whom I have established a great relationship.
Additionally, I expanded my theoretical skills and stated thinking in a different way. In other words, I learned about some useful tools and was assisted in envisioning 'the big picture' that helped me later in my career.
This year by coincidence I have been in a position to attend a similar course at the HHL Business School in Leipzig (one of the most highly regarded business schools in Germany, as I understand). The course modules were similar to the ones of PwC Mini MBA, and all the lecturers had a PhD degree. However, I must say that after having attended PwC's Mini MBA, I did find this course a bit boring and the lectures of a level lower than those in Belgrade. Maybe this was because I had previously attended the course but I somehow feel that I did not, except at one module, learn anything new or anything on top of what I had already learned at PwC's Mini MBA.
As for PwC's Mini MBA, you might not like all the modules or you might not like all the lecturers but, if it is your first training course of that kind, you will learn enough to take your career to the next level, become more professional and have other people looking at you in a different way.
Those of us who have been trained on the job can benefit a lot from PwC's Mini MBA training course because everything that one learns and experiences during the course can be shaped and channelled in real life.
Two years after PwC's Mini MBA course, I find myself gladly remembering the lectures and the nine weekends long training.”


Velibor Đerman, Founder, MD, 2GL Outsourcing .

“For those holding a management position, regardless of whether it is at the lower, middle or senior level who wish to get an insight into every aspect of the business, PwC’s Mini MBA Program, being very concise, is the right training course.
Although I have almost 20 years of project management experience I find the Mini MBA Program very useful. No matter how good one is at work and regardless of one’s management level, it is always good to look at things from different perspectives.
During the course, the trainers have demonstrated professionalism, distinctive competencies and knowledge. I highly recommend this course. ”


Nemanja Ivković, Transport Manager, Delhaize Serbia.

“The training course summarizes the essential requirements, in terms of tools and skills and abilities, for a leader to be able to perform their daily operations successfully and to gain an insight into future trends and business opportunities, in a format that is entertaining, appealing, easily understood and easily applied.”


Vladislava Furtula, Marketing Developer, Schneider Electric Srbija.

“In this three-month training course PwC Academy incorporated all modules that are typically processed through an MBA programme. For all of us working in the corporate environment this was an excellent way to upgrade the knowledge gained from practical experience. PwC’s Mini MBA modules, comprising interesting practical examples and clear theoretical explanations, helped me better understand company operations and the activities other company sectors, even more than that. PwC’s Mini MBA participants came from different industries, which made discussions more interesting and the big business picture more complete. All five stars from me :)”


Slobodanka Piljević, Operations Manager, Delhaize Serbia.

“In performing our jobs, we all strive to reach the highest professional conduct and dedication to professional excellence. This involves going into every little detail of our job and taking responsibility for our actions and performance. Such attitude allows us to develop our business or activity from a tiny tree stem into a big strong tree trunk that lies before us. On the other hand, it is often that this attitude prevents us from seeing ourselves and our big strong tree as part of the big forest, in other words it often prevents us from seeing the forest for the trees. It is PwC's Mini MBA that helps us see the situation more clearly, in other words helps us see the big picture.”


Ana Todorović, Senior Finance Controller, Atlantic Grupa.

“PwC's Mini MBA Program embraces all the key aspects of doing business. With numerous concise theoretical and practical examples, PwC's Mini MBA Program acquaints participants with the key business concepts and principles. The sessions are dynamic and particularly helpful to those specialising in only one area of work or task who do not get the chance to learn on the job about the activities of other company sectors. Furthermore, I would like to point out that the trainers were charismatic and that the atmosphere during the sessions was very pleasant, which encouraged participants to actively engage in group work. The three months spent at PwC Academy are a valuable experience worth remembering.”



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