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PwC Mini MBA

Dr Konstantin Kiritsis, PwC's Academy Lecturer

What is PwC Academy?
PwC’s Academy is the educational segment of the global organisation PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in Serbia.
PwC’s Academy comprises experienced professionals who during workshops convey to the learners their knowledge and experience gained from and embedded in daily practice.

PwC Academy Facilities At PwC, we understand that the ability to communicate, exchange ideas and transfer knowledge is efficient only where facilities and infrastructure support the learning process.
PwC Serbia has modern and fully equipped facilities that offer comfort and flexibillity. Our premises are suitable for organising different type of training sessions with total capacity of up to 50 people.

PwC Services For the right impact, training and development have to meet the particular needs of your business and your people. Specific factors have to be analysed and addressed before, during and after training of development intervention.
PwC Academy can help you achieve the right impact by relying on our consultants' expertise.

PwC Mini MBA, the Value of Knowledge - 6th Generation

Sixt generation of PwC Mini MBA

It is our pleasure to announce that the entry of the next generation (March 2015) of our Mini MBA Programme has started. Be the part of the training programme developed in Serbia and successfully implemented in several other countries in the world!

This training programme is covering the most important organisational management knowledge and skills. It is composed of 9 modules and lasts for 16 days (100 hours of training). Lectures are being held on Fridays (6pm-10pm) and on Saturdays (9am-5pm). At the end students are obligated to take the final exam that lasts for 2.5 hours.

So far managers of different levels and sectors from some of the most prominent companies and banks in Serbia went through this programme of training. PwC Mini MBA Programme also delivered management knowledge and skills to owners of small and medium enterprises, representatives of non-profit organizations and people who manage one of the most important and the most inventive educational institutions in Serbia.

We are very proud of our students and also of the fact that PwC Mini MBA Programme which was developed in Serbia is now also implemented in PwC's Academy Middle East and in some other territories.

Lectures for the March 2015 generation are starting on M march. The final deadline for submitting of your applications is 27 February, but we also give early bird registration opportunity and EUR 200 tuition saving for all who submit their applications until 6 February.

You can find more on PwC Mini MBA Programme web page or by e-mail

16 October 2014 - CIPD Certificate in Human Resource Management (CHRM)

The ideal candidate for CIPD Certificate in Human Resources Management (CHRM) is an HR Manager with responsibility for implementing HR policies and strategies and have a need to understand the role of HR in the wider organisational and environmental context.

The CIPD Certificate in HR Management (CHRM) will develop your ability to evaluate the effectiveness of different HR models and practices, and increase your understanding of the external factors that impact upon HR activities and organisations.

You may also be looking to work towards a professional level of membership in CIPD to gain professional credibility and recognition.


Serbian managers awarded PwC’s Academy

Serbian managers awarded PwC's Academy

Serbian managers, members of Serbian Association of Managers (SAM), ranked PwC’s Academy as one of the top three institutions for education and professional development of managers in 2013.

Serbian Association of Managers organised on 16 December gala annual event and awarded companies and individuals in seven different categories. PwC's Academy won the 2nd place in category “The best institution for education and professional development of managers”, after Faculty of Organisational Sciences from Belgrade. A total of 11 different educational institutions have been nominated for this award.


Miro Smolovic, manager of PwC’s Academy after receiving this award stated: “We are very pleased and honored that this award came from managers since that our courses are mainly designed for managers and those who would like to become managers. We find continuing education very important for Serbian economy and we are pleased that our efforts in this field have been recognized with this award.


Serbian Association of Manager also awarded companies and individuals in following categories: The best employer, The best manager, The best young manager, The regional project of the year, The best employer among SMEs, The best economic journalist.

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